A Great Community is Everything!

Focus Areas

Always Online

This ensures that you will get the maximum rewards from staking

Lowest Fees

We continuously lower fees to always stay among the best in the market

Very Secure

Your delegation is 100% safe with us!
- Guarenteed -

Value Stake Pool has a strong community focus

Staking your ADA will bring you great rewards, but it will also help the community develop even better tools and support the users of Cardano. With the great people of the community, Cardano would not be anything.

For this reason, we will give out community grants to great projects of this community, to be paid from our fees.

Contact us to apply for a community grant!

50 %
community suppporter
30 %
pool fee over time
years of IT experience

Pool Information

Find our ticker VALUE in Daedalus or Yoroi in order to stake with Value Stake Pool!

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